Waffle Mini’s

The choice is yours but whatever choice you make, you’ll have food envy looking at what the people next to you are eating so you’ll have to come back to Wafflemeister and order what you missed out on first time round!

Based on this word bank, The Waffle Generator produces reams and reams of text which, on first glance, looks like real, ponderous, prose; replete with clichés. The following paragraph typifies its output (try it for yourself here: Press F5 occasionally!).

‘Regarding the nature of any three-tier subjective classification, the total delivery presents extremely interesting challenges to the sanctioned Philosophical theme. The interface is of a interactive nature. To reiterate, the classic definition of the consolidation of the interpolation of antithesis underlines the essential paradigm of the negative aspects of any marginalised interface. It might seem reasonable to think of a proven solution to the performance objectives as involving the legitimate principal milieu. Nevertheless, a concept of what we have come to call the strategic goals provides a heterogeneous environment to the evidence of feeling. On the other hand, a realization the importance of the core business is reciprocated by the negative aspects of any proactive auxiliary teleology. There is probably no causal link between the three-phase empirical transformation and the principle of the diverse hardware environment. However the target population for the consolidation of the compatible central expression necessitates that urgent consideration should be applied to what is beginning to be termed the “ad-hoc inductive projection”. Based on integral subsystems, examination of inclusive instances provides a harmonic integration with the social dichotomy. This should be considered in the light of the functional baseline.’

We chose this as a programming example because it is so simple, and because it demonstrates that the best way to produce language automata is to mimic the way we construct language. It displays a simple and valid use of recursion. Above all, it is fun to use. Obviously, the serious user will bring his own word and phrase-banks to bear on it.

I put the Generator in the Public Domain and it was certainly the first of such programs to be so placed. Originally, it was written for a primitive C compiler to run on CP/M. From these humble beginnings, the program has taken on a life of its own, and is irrepressibly popular, unlike the vast majority of the code we write.

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